The Saltwater Difference

The Saltwater Difference

At Saltwater Fabrications we only use the best materials to ensure minimal upkeep and a lifetime of enjoyment. All of our products are built using 6000 series aluminum which is the highest marine grade by industry standards. Our decks are engineered to be slip resistant and meets all ADA requirements. For more decking options we also offer fiberglass-reinforced high-density polyethylene (HDPE) board which comes in a myriad of colors and like aluminum has a lifetime warranty.

Why is aluminum better than wood?

Wooden docks and gangways require constant upkeep and start to deteriorate from the day they are installed. Although the initial cost of aluminum might be a little higher the maintenance cost of wood far surpass it. You will find yourself constantly replacing sealers, screws, and boards, in addition to treated wood having a shorter shelf life on the water. Structurally aluminum is also far superior.


  • Gangways are fully welded.
  • We use heavy duty UHMW rollers.
  • We use a heavy-duty full-length aluminum piano hinge for gangways. The hinge uses a 1 1⁄2” schedule 40 aluminum pipe as a pin. Hinges are fully welded to the gangway and the angle or other shape as required.
  • Our handrails are TIG welded for the smoothest transitions in welds.
  • The aluminum decking is fully welded underneath to ensure maximum strength and so the welds are not visible on the surface.
  • We can build to suit ADA-compliant gangways.
  • We offer Wear Deck as a decking option.
  • We use 6000 series marine grade aluminum.
  • We build long-length gangways (90-100’ for example) which are preloaded with a camber for rigidity.
  • For greater strength on longer gangways, we build and use an undercarriage.


  • 6000 series marine grade aluminum
  • 9” fold-down cleats that are through-bolted for maximum strength. The fold-down feature prevents the trip hazard of a standard rigid cleat.
  • 36” tall vertical side bumpers. The last thing we want our customers concerned with is the gunnel on their vessel. Our vertical bumpers keep a vessel at a close standoff from the edge of the dock to deter the gunnel from striking the edge.
  • Soft corner cushion bumpers on the leading corners of the dock. This prevents the sharp corners of the dock from damaging your vessel.
  • Our docks are fully welded. We ensure that the structural integrity of our dock is at the highest standard by adding additional welded clips in every joint.
  • We use a full-depth joist on all docks, welded and clipped at every joint
  • The aluminum decking is fully welded underneath to ensure maximum strength and so none of the welds are visible on the surface.
  • Multiple decking options are available.